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What Is a Sophia Circle Journey™?

It's a beautiful journey to embody your highest consciousness each day. You will mentor with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters who have lived incredible lifetimes on this earth and will guide you in healing, growth and expansion in all aspects of your life. You'll experience activations that will help you live your highest divine potential every day!  


Since starting my own journey with The Sophia Code® in 2019, my life has transformed positively in many ways. It's been unlike anything I've experienced before in my spiritual exploration. The book quickly became a cornerstone of my spiritual practice.


It is my great prayer, honor and blessing to guide you through a Sophia Circle Journey™ as a certified Sophia Circle Leader.


Sacred Space

As your leader, I create a safe, sacred space where you are loved and supported in your spiritual awakening with The Sophia Code® teachings.  Reading the book in advance is not required.  We will move through it together during our Sophia Circle Journey™. This is not a form of group therapy and should not be mistaken for a common book club.

“I am often challenged with feeling triggered and yet I feel better every time I pick up this book. This journey is helping me heal and to live with self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. This mentorship and container is truly extraordinary!”  ~Sophia Circle Journey Participant 

This sacred journey is for you if you are:

  • Ready to take a quantum leap in your personal and professional life and spiritual growth

  • Ready to live your highest potential and in alignment with everyday blessings

  • Ready to give up your attachment to worry, fear, doubt


Registering now for the Spring, beginning April 1, 2024!

April 1 - October 7th, 1st and 3rd Mondays monthly

(This journey just began, yet you can still enroll before April 14th)

Let Jacqueline know if you're interested in the next journey beginning this Fall

13 Virtual Sessions

Cost per session - $33.00 each (total for 13 sessions: $429.00 - easy payment plan available)

Please complete the Sophia Circle Journey™ Inquiry Form.

It asks preliminary questions to ensure we create an exceptional group experience. We'll then schedule a 20 minute exploratory call to see if this Sophia Circle Journey™ is the right next step for you. Many, many blessings! xx

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