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Enjoy a fresh start in the new year

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Many of us have barriers that hold us back. They show up as quiet, fleeting inner voices that are almost imperceptible, yet they have a powerful hold on us, creating suffering.

The Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

It’s this suffering that prevents us from being most vibrant and successful. 

You probably have a barrier if, in any area of your life, you:

  • Hesitate to speak up and later wish you had

  • Speak up too much, feeling you have to prove yourself

  • Aren’t as successful as you know you could be

  • Wish you had more confidence

  • Don’t stand up for yourself and you wonder why

  • Think you need to do it all and hesitate to ask for help

  • Feel envious of other people

  • Have body image issues - are critical of your body

If any of these ring true, there is a powerful, simple formula to stop the struggle.

Join me for a 2-part workshop, where you'll identify your barriers and dismantle them. You’ll then identify what you want and will create new habits and new exciting realities for yourself. 

You’ll have a much greater sense of ease and freedom, because you will act from your inner truth - without limitation.

Workshop Dates: Tuesdays January 12th and 19th on Zoom 7-8pm ET. It’s important to attend both sessions.

Please bring a journal and pen.

A small fee of $44 reserves your place and confirms your commitment to attend. Because this is a challenging time, two free scholarships will be offered. 

Register by January 10th here.

Contact me at 774-286-9964 or with any questions or to request one of the free scholarships. Space is limited

This is an inclusive event, all genders are welcome and appreciated!

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