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It’s time to step into your magnificence! 


The world needs YOU—strong, grounded, clear, and living your purpose. This is not the time to play small! 

If you're ready to stand in your power, live your highest expression, and use your heart, talents, and skills to create an abundant and radiant life, join our next Sophia Circle Journey. This is a space that nourishes, inspires and uplifts us for a radiant, purposeful life.

We support you to step up to infinite possibilities and embody your greatest presence. To harness your power and connect to your divine wisdom in being vibrant and fully alive.

Now is the time to fully embody your wisdom and strength. The world needs you to fully stand in your loving power and radiate your light.

Our uplifting community, is founded in love, and is support for your growth, healing, and awakening. Your success, abundance, and magnificence is supported wholly.


Join our next Sophia Circle Journey™ focused on clarifying your life purpose, beginning October 21st!

To learn more, complete the Sophia Circle Journey™ Inquiry Form. 


Clear Purpose
Sophia Circle Journey™

Join our series of 13 sacred ceremonies, to experience conscious awakening by creating your direct connection with the Divine Mother, Sophia. Your journey is perfectly customized for you and your personal growth because it's completely guided by your Higher Self. 


Together we'll explore The Sophia Code® book for your own personal conscious awakening through forming a direct connection with divine feminine ascended masters. 

How you'll benefit:

  • Receive clear, personalized guidance and messages from your Higher Self and Ascended Masters

  • Embody your highest consciousness each day

  • Let go of old limitations and patterns

  • Access daily divine guidance

  • Experience more ease, joy, and lightness

  • Show up in your individual magnificent power and purpose

  • Connect to higher knowing and support for increased ease, grace, and blessings

“I am often challenged with feeling triggered and yet I feel better every time I pick up this book. This journey is helping me heal and to live with self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. This mentorship and container is truly extraordinary!”  ~Sophia Circle Journey Participant 

13 sessions virtually, 3rd Monday of the month 7-8:30pm ET,  starting October 21st

Cost per Sophia Circle session: $33, series $429 


To learn more, complete the Sophia Circle Journey™ Inquiry Form. It asks preliminary questions to ensure we create an exceptional group experience. We'll then schedule a 20-minute exploratory call to see whether this journey is the right next step for you.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

~ Buddha

We'd love to share periodic insights with you...

Thank you, I look forward to sending insights your way!

What Our Community Is Saying

"When experiencing many life stressors, this group helped me stay grounded and have more self-compassion. The homework between sessions helped me be more conscious of my emotional reactions so I could shift gears and make the best choice for myself.”

~ J.S., DC area

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Since 2003, I've been dedicated to helping others to step into their strength and purpose. I'm able to see what's happening beneath the surface that may be blocking or inhibiting progress. By facilitating Sophia Circle Journeys™, executive coaching, meditation, and yoga I create sacred space for insight, awareness and growth.

My deepest desire is to help you embody your highest consciousness and purpose each day.

My daily meditation practice began in 2005 when our boys were 4 and 6 and my Mom, who was mentally and physically ill, came to live with us. Meditation provided grounding, clarity, health and strength, during an incredibly challenging time, in innumerable ways for me. It helped me make the best decisions for my Mom's care, to make the most of our relationship over her final 9.5 years, and to usher her through her last moments of life.  

Since 2020 I've gone through a process of deep healing and learning how to truly embrace and embody self-love and self-compassion—learning that they are the true key to vibrancy! I have learned that we don't heal in any significant way until we listen to and respect our body and heart on a daily basis. All imbalance eventually catches up with us!

My desire is to help you embody self-love and compassion to shine brightly in your purpose. 

As an International Coach Federation certified coach at the PCC level, Registered Yoga Teacher, and experienced facilitator, you can rely on my care in honoring our confidential work together.

Contact me at with any questions

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