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How to Trust Your Intuition

Recently during our Shine Mentorship session, we focused on listening to the powerful deep wisdom that always guides us to the best outcomes.

Your intuition is subtle and fleeting, yet extremely powerful. It can be akin to soft butterfly wings lightly caressing your cheek.

It’s the fleeting thought that we quickly dismiss with our logical mind, yet later wish we had acted upon. The thought to bring a specific coat or sweater even the the weather is perfect, later to fund the weather has changed.

Tapping Into Your Intuition

So how do you access your deep wisdom? It’s much like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it is and the more available it is for us.

It requires stopping, turning inward, and asking your heart for guidance. And then, of course, trusting it and acting upon the message you receive.

A couple of months ago I checked in about whether I should attend an event. My heart said yes, and it turned out to be a fabulous experience with long-lasting benefits for my career. While following this guidance was pretty easy because I was seriously contemplating going to the event anyway, sometimes it’s harder to trust your intuition.

Last month I had to make a big decision about attending another event. It felt pretty mandatory and like something I should attend. I checked in with myself about it and, while my logical brain said yes, my intuition said no. Knowing that I’m never steered wrong, I decided not to go.

It turned out to definitely be the right decision because many who attended got sick, while I was healthy and able to attend our son's college graduation.

As you check in with your heart frequently, you’ll fine tune your intuition, build its strength and, most importantly, your trust in it.

Support For Your Journey

This inner listening and reflection is exactly what we do in our Shine Mentorship program. With us you’ll experience:

  • Rich deep reflection, insights, and clarity

  • A twice monthly reboot, refresh, recharge for new thriving potentialities

  • Newly up-lifted and energized perspective and focus.

We are a sacred community that nourishes, inspires and uplifts for your radiantly purposeful life.

Our community enables our members to expand our horizons, take action toward a better life, and stop letting internal or external baggage limit or define how we feel and show up for others.

We support those who are ready to step up to infinite possibilities and embody their greatest presence. Those who are ready to harness their power to change their world, one small step at a time; those who are ready to explore how to be vibrant, fully alive in each moment, and share their heart’s gifts freely.

Members of our community report these benefits:

  • "I'm able to see situations more clearly"

  • "I can reduce stress and tension throughout the day"

  • "I'm better with my family"

  • "I now make the best decisions"

  • "I feel less stressed and anxious"

“When experiencing many life stressors, this group helped me stay grounded and have more self-compassion. The work between sessions helped me be more conscious of my emotional reactions so I could shift gears and make the best choice for myself.” ~JS, DC area

Our sanctuary doors are open and we are currently welcoming up to five new members. We are gathering tonight, join us by registering here.

Namaste, Jacqueline

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