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What's Next? Ready for True Freedom? Walk Straight Into Your Fear

I recently healed some very deep emotional patterning from my past in the most surprising way. Equally astonishing for me is the realization that the healing created a great sense of freedom, joy, accomplishment, and confidence. Qualities that many of us desire, yet can seem elusive.

In July, it was time for a simple medical intervention that I had resisted for months. During the previous few months I felt certain, deeply in my bones, that it was not right for me to move forward with it. However, one day in July, I woke up and felt my mind begin to open to taking this next step. I set up the appointment that day and used the next three days to prepare my body and mind energetically to receive this medicine.

Yet, at the appointment, I felt a big wave of anxiety hit - unlike anything I'd ever experienced. And afterward, once at home, a big emotional release moved through me. The tears fell hard and took some time to complete.

Later that day, I realized this signified that I had taken a big step to walk directly through my fear. I understood that taking this step had healed deep-seated fear related to my mother's 40 years of severe ill-health and my own struggle with Lyme Arthritis over the past 18 months.

I also learned that while this one fear is healed, there is most certainly more to address; and the only way to heal is through.

It's much easier to avoid or step around the fear, yet having compassion for myself, honoring and trusting my inner knowing about when the time is right to step through and how to step through in the safest way, is what creates healing that lead to true freedom, joy, and confidence.

Our fears are what hold us back and keep us small and unhappy.

The only way to walk through fear is to honor it and take action at the right time. This requires deep inner listening and reflection that leads to a big payoff: resplendent radiance!

This inner listening and reflection is exactly what we do in our Shine Mentorship program. With us you’ll experience:

  • Rich deep reflection, insights, and clarity

  • A twice monthly reboot, refresh, recharge for new thriving potentialities

  • Newly up-lifted and energized perspective and focus.

We are a sacred heart-warming community that nourishes, inspires and uplifts for your optimal expression and radiant purposeful life.

Our community enables our members to expand our horizons, take action toward a better life, and stop letting internal or external baggage limit or define how we feel and show up for others.

We support those who are ready to step up to infinite possibilities and embody their greatest presence. Those who are ready to harness their power to change their world, one small step at a time; those who are ready to explore how to be vibrant, fully alive in each moment, and share their heart’s gifts freely.

Members of our community report these benefits:

  • "I'm able to see situations more clearly"

  • "I can reduce stress and tension throughout the day"

  • "I'm better with my family"

  • "I now make the best decisions"

  • "I feel less stressed and anxious"

“When experiencing many life stressors, this group helped me stay grounded and have more self-compassion. The homework between sessions helped me be more conscious of my emotional reactions so I could shift gears and make the best choice for myself.” ~JS, DC area

Our sanctuary doors are open and we are currently welcoming up to four new members. Register in advance for our next gathering here.

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