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Your Highest Potential is Waiting...

Yesterday my dear friend said to me, “You seem so much more confident.” We were talking about my experience with The Sophia Code® over the past few years and I was sharing some thoughts about how she can work with the book.

Later, I reflected on her comment… what is different about my daily experience?

Like many people, I care a lot about being there for others and about what they think. I evaluate how I’ve showed up as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, or leader at work. I’ll notice how people are responding to me. If it wasn’t positive, I’ll wonder why and what I could have done differently. This questioning really points to the most insidious question of all… was I enough?

For years I thought this would lead to self-improvement, yet what I’ve come to understand is it only leads to self-doubt.

Through this regular evaluation and judgement I gave control of my confidence to others which, it turns out, is a completely disempowering habit.

From the outside, those around me may not have suspected this was going on. Yet, on the inside, I felt judged by myself and others, and concerned I’d say the wrong thing. Replaying interactions that didn’t go as I’d hoped, made me feel like I’d failed.

It made me quick to hold back and censor my voice—ultimately giving my power away.

My growth with The Sophia Code® has helped me identify this habit, understand it, and adjust my approach. Gone are the days of handing over my power. I now know that I am enough, just as I am. And I look forward to continuing to learn and grow, without harsh self-talk.

I honor and take better care of myself, which enables me to show up better for loved ones. It turns out that taking back my power makes life much more enjoyable and fun.

What I’ve learned is that self-care is not selfish, it is a form of love that nourishes and expands, positively effecting those around us. When I’m able to fully be me, without self-doubt, love is able to work through me in miraculous ways.

In our upcoming Sophia Circle Journey™ you’ll directly access divine grace in important areas of your life. You’ll identify what you’re ready to overcome. During our journey you’ll heal what’s ready so you can experience more ease and joy. Your loved ones will notice more lightness in you.

To learn more, reply here for a 20-minute interview. You’ll learn about what you can expect during the journey and we’ll determine whether it’s the right fit for you.

More information

13 Virtual Sessions: Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm ET, March 21st - August 22nd, 2023

Weekly: March 21 - April 25 (skipping April 18th), then

Bi-weekly: May 9 - August 22 (skipping July 4th)

Cost per Sophia Circle session: $33

Many, many blessings,



Jacqueline Ryan Brodnitzki


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