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An Invitation For You...

to join our upcoming Sophia Circle Journey

Here’s why... In 2018 and 2019, I went through a very challenging time professionally. As an executive coach and facilitator I was in an account manager role for a small consulting firm. There was a lot of pressure in the role and some things happened that caused my self-confidence to plummet. My self-esteem hit rock-bottom professionally, which of course also hindered my personal self-confidence. I changed roles at work to move into a less demanding situation and, because I felt so unsure of my capabilities, I repeatedly questioned my ability to do things that I had done quite well before. I felt unsure of myself, my abilities, and whether I was moving in the right direction. And then I found The Sophia Code® (book) in August of 2019 and through working with it, began to access my Higher Self’s guidance on a daily basis, taking small steps each day to overcome self-doubt and to reclaim my confidence. Over the course of the past 3.5 years, I’ve regained my professional and person self-confidence and grown to embody healthier self-esteem, with self-compassion and self-love as my guiding principles. When our consulting firm was acquired in 2021, this daily connection helped me navigate this significant change and move into a wonderful new leadership role that is fun, challenging, invigorating and on purpose. And, over the past three years, access to my Higher Self helped me navigate the collective challenges we've all faced. For me, this also included a difficult year healing a severe bout of painful Lyme arthritis. What I’ve learned is that accessing my Higher Self’s daily support and guidance provides me with strength, clarity, and guidance for navigating challenging times and making the most of each day personally and professionally. Because this was such a wonderful transformational experience for me, my prayer is to help others experience this growth, so I became certified to lead Sophia Circle Journeys™. That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in activating your Higher Self connection in a life-changing Sophia Circle Journey™, to live in your highest divine potential every day. It's a guided journey through The Sophia Code® book, reading inspirational text, meditating, sharing pearls of wisdom from a powerful group of ascended divine mentors, and reflecting on real-life application. We begin on March 21st, the day after the powerful Spring Equinox - a perfect time for embarking on a new trajectory! If you’re interested in learning more about this virtual journey on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 PM ET, please send a note to me at to schedule a 20 minute call. I'll share more details and together we can decide whether this is the right fit for you. Many, many blessings, Jacqueline --------- Jacqueline Ryan Brodnitzki 774-286-9964

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