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What I Learned From 2020

Like many, 2020 has taught me an important and unexpected lesson. At the beginning of the year I was physically the strongest and most fit of my life. I was on the go traveling and, in between trips, hitting the gym, skiing, hiking, and doing yoga and pilates fitness classes - life felt fun and I felt strong.

Then, a Lyme disease diagnosis hit, swelling my left knee to the point that most movement was no longer possible. I resisted. I kept trying different ways to exercise, repeatedly increasing the swelling which limited my movement even more.

Next came Covid putting an end to the gym, in-person classes, work in the office, and travel.

Life felt bleak. While I enjoyed working from home and was relieved for less travel, my knee was not getting better. A variety of treatments provided temporary relief, but soon after I was again walking down the stairs one-legged and unable to do my daily forest walk that felt so good to my body, mind, and soul.

In the midst of these limitations, I went deeper in my meditation and journaling practices. Watching the external strength of my body lessen, I began noticing an increase in my inner strength. An important realization dawned on me... my over-reliance on my physical strength was a way to ignore the importance of doing the hard work to build my inner strength.

While external strength can come and go, inner strength is eternal.

It's the strength of our spirit to navigate challenges with grace.

It's our strength to show up for our loved ones in the way they need.

It's our ability honor our anger, fear, and sadness with compassion, enabling us to return to love again and again.

Perhaps this year provided the perfect environment for this lesson. What has 2020 taught you?

While this will no doubt be a different Thanksgiving for you, may you experience gratitude and love. Please know that I am grateful for you.



Loving Support

If you'd like support in a warm sanctuary experience to build strength, presence, self-love, and self-compassion, while participating in healing group meditations, we'd love you to join our community for our twice monthly mentorship group Zoom sessions. Here's a link to register to join us.

Our community's goal is to to return to self-love and to truly stand in our power. To live a rich, inspired, and meaningful life.​ To be embraced in a heart-centered way and to receive inspiring and sustained support in our journey.

We will help you align with and access your greatest source of wisdom and strength to heal your heart and fully radiate your light.​ We are a supportive and caring community, founded in love, that offers a container for your growth, healing, and awakening. We always focus on what's important and relevant for our group members.

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