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When Overwhelm Hits

Yesterday afternoon was really frustrating. I felt overwhelmed trying to do some pretty simple work-related computer tasks. Nothing seemed to go right electronically, and my stress built with each seemingly simple task that I was unable to perform. By the end of the afternoon I was fried.

Then, I walked to the next room and joined the sanctuary of my favorite yoga teacher's yoga class (more info below) and with each passing minute I felt layers of stress peel away from my body. After class I felt like a new person.

Perhaps you have a sanctuary like this - a favorite class, a walk/run in nature, prayer, your meditation practice, a great book, or something else that helps you unwind.

We all need daily opportunities in our life to let go and reset our nervous system. What are your go-to activities? Keep a list front and center, so you remember to use one when you really need it.

Our nervous systems are on high alert, more than ever right now, and we need to reset, regroup, and gain clarity daily if we want to be our best for our family, work, friends and most importantly for ourselves.

If you are looking for a sanctuary that will help you unwind, I invite you to join our community for on-going support on your journey. During our twice monthly, 1-hour zoom meetings, we reset our nervous systems through discussion and meditation and leave with new clarity. A weight is lifted from our shoulders and we feel stronger in the face of adversity.

Members of our community report these benefits:

  • I'm better with my family

  • I now make the best decisions

  • I feel less stressed

Our sanctuary doors are open and we welcome you with open arms. Our next gathering is this Monday, February 1st. Register here. More info is below.




Loving Support

If you'd like support in a warm sanctuary experience to build strength, presence, self-love, and self-compassion, while participating in healing group meditations, we'd love you to join our community for our twice monthly mentorship group Zoom sessions. Our next session is February 1st at 7pm ET. Here's a link to register to join us.

Our community's goal is to to return to self-love and to truly stand in our power. To live a rich, inspired, and meaningful life.​ To be embraced in a heart-centered way and to receive inspiring and sustained support in our journey.

We will help you align with and access your greatest source of wisdom and strength to heal your heart and fully radiate your light.​ We are a supportive and caring community, founded in love, that offers a container for your growth, healing, and awakening. We always focus on what's important and relevant for our group members.

Please forward this note to any friends or family members whom you think would benefit from being in our community.

All offerings are inclusive, all genders are welcome and appreciated!



My dear friend and highly skilled yoga and pilates teacher, Samantha Cameron, offers weekly Zoom classes that will stretch and strengthen your body and heal your mind - they truly are phenomenal! Learn more about her here and see her upcoming classes. Experience some of her classes on YouTube.




Jacqueline Ryan Brodnitzki


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